The New Year and Beyond!!!!

The new year is almost here and that makes me excited. I love January. I’m not sure why really, but something about the 1/1 just feels fresh. It’s a chance to brush off and start new. Forget about the failures of the past year and look forward with a renewed mind and attitude. Resolutions, goals, dreams to be achieved. It’s all exciting and fun.

If you’re like me you’re already thinking about what you want to achieve next year. Maybe you got some area in your life where everything just seemed to fall apart and you want to start fresh. Maybe life got busy and you feel overwhelmed and you know something has got to change. Or maybe you feel sluggish and down and really need to get back in shape. Whatever it may be now’s the time to prepare.

But I got to be realistic. I tend to sometimes aim big. But this year I’m changing it all. I’m going small and manageable. Trying to be smart and decide “What can I really get done?” After all, dreams without small manageable goals are simply unrealistic.

So here are the categories. Starting tomorrow.


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