My Amazing Wife

Today is my amazing wife’s birthday. I can’t believe we have now spent over 9 years together. It seems like yesterday I was nervously asking her out for the very first time. I remember our first date; Joes Crab shack and a movie (Mr. Deeds). We were young, broke, and had no clue what the future held. Still today, I look back and shake my head, curious as to how we managed to make it past all the challenges life tossed at us.

My love has endured a lot in her life, and she has endured even more with me. There are so many reasons that I am un-worthy of this amazing gift that God has provided me. I often find myself asking why I am continually blessed with her love, kindness, and affection towards me? Why do I feel a sense of completion when she is near? Why? Why? Why?

I cannot say enough about her. She has blessed my life in so many ways. Far too many for a simple blog post as this. I couldn’t list the infinite number of times she has helped me through my life, or shown me her awesome love. Therefore, the list below is only a small reflection of who she is to me.

I Thank her for choosing me on our wedding day 9.5 years ago. I had no idea that I would be capable of loving her more than the moment I said “I do”.

I Thank her for always being my friend first.

I Thank her for falling in love with me when I was an immature little brat. I know she loves me for me. Always.

I Thank her for expecting the best out of me, and expecting The Best when I get lazy or insecure. She is my coach and biggest fan.

I Thank her for being faithful to me. I know I can trust her.

I Thank her for never telling me what I want to hear, unless it happens to be what she really thinks or feels. Her word is her bond, and I am glad she always means what she says.

I Thank her for being a fiercely protective, loving and patient mother. I admire her and hope I can be half the parent she is to our son.

I Thank her for loving The Father more than she loves me. It is the thing I cherish most about her.

I hope she enjoys her birthday, and is blessed by her friendships and family. I hope I can continue to be all that she both desires and needs me to be…

Happy Birthday sweetie…

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2 thoughts on “My Amazing Wife

  1. What a wonderful tribute to someone you obviously adore. It’s fantastic that here are still people willing to put into words the feelings that so often get hidden. She sounds a great person and a great wife and mother. As a couple I bet you’re unbeatable and your son is a very lucky boy.

  2. Such a great tribute to the best friend you could have. So very happy you were brought together. So nice to see you value & appreciate her in so many ways. Thankful you have each other. You do deserve this happiness. Your son just makes is that much stronger.