Out of Time Series Re-read!!!

So I have spent a lot less time on Social Media as of late. Not because I’m depressed or anything- just trying to spend more time reading, writing, and not worried about being present.

img_3343Regardless one thing is certain- I’ve become insanely jealous of my wife.

She has an unusual super power. Despite working full time, raising two toddlers, (well three if you count me) she manages to knock out at least two novels a week. Seriously – It takes me an average of fifteen days to sift through a 400-page book. But hey- She reads fast and I don’t. But that doesn’t stop me from plugging away on my TBR pile.

So at the moment I’m wrapping up Tosca Lee’s Progeny.

After that- I’m diving deep into a re-read of “The Out of Time series.”

I already have my advanced reader copy of book 3 and am Stoked about the end of this series. Nadine is a great writer friend and I’m excited to see how she wraps this series up.

I’ll be posting regular updates as I read through it on my blog and other social media channels as I can.

Anyway- What books are on your fall reading list…?

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