5 Reasons You Should Just Stop Writing!!!

1.       It’s Hard:

Let’s face it, writing is hard… I mean when it comes down to it, should you be doing hard things? No, you should be doing easy things. Things that are simple and don’t require a lot of energy. Living the easy life is so much better then pursuing a publishing dream… Right…?

2.       Rejections:

Agents, Editors, and even readers probably won’t like your work… I mean think about it, who wants to go on amazon and Goodreads and see a 1 Star review. It’s so much easier to just think about it being good, hearing the praise of your mother, and not dealing with the brutal truth that some give… So do yourself a favor- Quit, because the rejection isn’t worth it…

3.       You’ll Never Be Original:

Everybody tells you that they want originality, originality, originality… But no matter what you do or write, no matter how much time you spend outlining that plot, it always turns out sounding just like your favorite authors latest release. Being original is tough and requires a lot of thought… And as we have already established “Writing is hard and you shouldn’t do hard things…”

It Takes too Much Time:

I mean who wants to take time…? Everything today is at our finger tips… Instant books on our kindles and nooks, bills can be paid instantly, etc etc. It takes time to sit and write a good novel and that just seems pointless. So why waste time, call me when the instant result novel formula is out and being distributed…

5.      You’re Not Going to Make any Money:

If you really stop and think it through you’ll realize the truth in this… It took Stephen King, James Patterson, and John Grisham years and multiple books before they made it big… And a lot has changed since then… The best you’ll do is be able to make a couple of mortgage payments a year and that’s it… So why waste all the effort doing something that will more than likely not produce any rewards…?

Believe it or not these are all excuses I have made in my writing journey… They are things that have held me back and kept me from telling the stories I’ve wanted to tell. But I’ve learned that while there is a bit of truth to what I’ve said above, there is also a bit of myth as well… Writing is tough, it does come with rejection, it takes a lot of time to learn and do it well, it’s hard to be original and fresh, and in the beginning for most there is very little financial reward… But writing I’ve learned isn’t about those things… Those are the things that push us to be better. They are the things that drive to keep pounding away late into the night… You see writing is about passion- And passion wins over these five things every time… So pound away constant writer- I am.

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