Twitter & Me

Hello everyone, I’m JJ

If you are reading this then you have probably just decided to follow me on twitter. But, before you do, here is a little bit about how I use this platform…

1- I’m a high volume tweeter. Sometimes up 40 to 60 Times a day. Some of those are replies to others, so you might not see them. Regardless, I may be invading your feed quite often- You’ve been warned.

2- If I’m tweeting- it’s me. I hate automation and think it’s the worst thing for any author or other creative entrepreneur to ever use. I like authenticity in those I follow, so I don’t think I will be hypocritical.

3- I don’t automatically follow everyone back. If you follow me I will look your profile over. If your tweets are constructive and fun and you seem to be an interactive person- I may follow you. But if I see your just pushing some product every three tweets I’ll probably never hit that Engage button to follow you.

4- I’m a conservative / libertarian and an evangelical Christian. To my Christian Friends- I may tweet a few curse words- they’re just words- so simmer down… I may also tweet about whiskey or drinks I like- again- Let it go… To my left leaning liberal friends- don’t try and debate me- That’s the best way to get muted and or blocked. I don’t have time for that nonsense and life is to short. Which is why I don’t talk about politics or culture. I keep my views to myself.

5- Other random subjects I tweet about are Writing, publishing, food, kids, Movies, and comic books…

6- I’m pretty sarcastic and flippant in my sense of humor. I don’t take a lot of things serious… So don’t expect me to.

7- Most Days I will be interacting with Jason Joyner (@jasonCJoyner) We joke around quite a bit and in the Writing community, he is one of my closest friends. You are always more than welcome to join in- But please: Never Take it serious… We understand each other’s sense of humor and are able to take jabs at one another fairly easily…

Twitter is a snapshot of my life- My life is my brand- most social media experts will disagree with the way I use the platform but I think most SM experts are full of BS (except @RaleneB) who has a good grasp on how to use SM as a creative entrepreneur. You should follow her.

Now that you know how I do things- I hope you enjoy what I send out. And don’t be afraid to interact.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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