Time Travelling Assassins- Who Would You Target?

You Ever Seen the Movie LOOPER…? I love this film. I have seen it three or four times, and read the screenplay. (Yeah I am dorky like that.)  The entire point of the premise is that Old Joe (Played by Bruce Willis) travels back in time, avoids being killed by his younger self, (Young Joe) and goes on a hunt to find the child that would one day become known as The Rainmaker.

You see- In the future, the Rainmaker is not a very kind person. And as a result, Old Joe’s wife is killed. Old Joe has this thought that if he can find and kill The Rainmaker as a child, maybe his wife won’t die in the future.

Now there are some obvious flaws in his logic and there is much more to the film- But that has me thinking and my wheels spinning.

With the Release of 11/22/63 coming out on Hulu Monday: If YOU could travel back in time and stop a major event in history from happening, or assassinate some evil dictator in history, what / or who would it be…? And why…?

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One thought on “Time Travelling Assassins- Who Would You Target?

  1. I’d have to go back and take Hitler out just after the First World War.No martyrdom in jail, no writing Mein Kampf and no chance of being made Chancellor. Maybe I could stop the slaughter and the devastation of WWII?