Review of “Finding Amanda” by Robin Patchen

“Dr. Gabriel Sheppard eyed the girl in the doorway. She’d be perfect.”

findingamanda After reading that first line in Finding Amanda by Robin’s Patchen I immediately had a thousand questions swirling around in my head. Who is she? Why would she be perfect? And what was he planning to do…? Amanda has much to celebrate about her life. A master Chef, a Published Cookbook, and a Blog with countless of followers; it seems she is living the American Dream. But Inside Amanda is falling apart. Amanda is determined to publish a memoir that those close to her feel is a mistake. But exposing the monster that Dr. Sheppard is feels far more important than saving her marriage, or even protecting her life. So many times I slammed the book shut irritated that Amanda was not making the decision I wanted her to make- Only to find myself coming back anticipating which way she would choose and where she would go. Robin does an outstanding job of pulling the reader along, teasing you with bits of tension that are so thick one could feel the pain of each of the characters. I found myself liking Amanda, loving her husband, enjoying the moments through their eyes- And hoping doom wasn’t lurking close by. Finding Amanda is brilliant suspense with as many twists and turns as anything done by Hitchcock. I promise you will find yourself swept away by the scruff of your neck. Robin is an author and freelance editor from Edmond Ok- You can find more out about her at her website below.

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