I Wish I had a TARDIS Part 1- A Chance to Escape

I need to admit something. I am a HUGE Dr. Who Fan. Would I say I’m a fanatic who watches the show endlessly and gets excited about my disappearing TARDIS coffee mug…? No, not really. But I do love the show.

So, who is The Doctor? Well, that’s a question fifty years in the making. In short . . . very short, The Doctor is a Time Lord, a race of beings from the planet Gallifrey, who developed the means of time travel. The Doctor is a being who travels through time and space, saving the earth and other planets time and time again, offering a merciful justice throughout the universe. The Doctor typically travels with a companion, someone he picks up along the way to teach, to protect, or in some cases, for protection. But what I really want to address today is the Doctor’s ship, the TARDIS.

TARDIS is an acronym for “Time and relative dimension in space.” The TARDIS is part time machine, part space ship, part living being in its own right. One of the most extraordinary things about the TARDIS, apart from the ability to travel through all of time and space, is that it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

I wish I had a TARDIS. Sometimes the business of life simply gets to me. It bogs me down. I feel as if I have event after event going on day by day. I struggle to keep my sanity straight and I get lost in the typical day to day routine. Everything makes me feel as though I’m stuck in deep ruts with no escape. And I want to escape… I want to get away, travel back or forward- I want that chance to move beyond the ordinary and find a balance.

Do you ever feel that way? It seems more and more that’s how life is. When you work full time and try to maintain a writing career it makes you feel as if you don’t have a second for anything else. And the truth is, finding a TARDIS and escaping seems like a good idea. But let’s be honest- It won’t help. Because once you return, you’ll come face to face with those same challenges.

I had a writer friend recently tell me that they were just plum burned out. They were exhausted. They had nothing left to give. Looking at their life I had agree. No wonder they weren’t getting any writing done. No wonder they felt as if they were being crushed under an enormous weight. So I’ve decided I don’t want to get like that. But the truth is- We all, and I mean all, get sucked into the vacuum.

Writing, connecting, staying active on social media- Those are things that are very important to me. But so is my job. My family. My church. My Bible Study time. So are those times when I break a sweat and get fit. I have lot of priorities. I have a lot of things I do each week. So how do I do it…? Simple- I find the balance.

It’s easier said than done I know, but the realization is if you don’t cut, you won’t have the time do focus and be creative. Look at your life. Make a list of what’s important. Decide what can go, and what has to stay. And then, work at balancing it out throughout the week. Here’s my list below- Hope this helps.

What’s Important
Social Media
Eating right & staying in shape

What I give up-Watching Baseball
TV Shows
Going to the Movies
Watching Every College Football Game
Watching NFL

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