I Was a Dropout

Dude: You were a dropout- Why Yes I was

Dude, you were a dropout… That was the question I got the other day. Yes- In the technical sense I was a drop out. In fact I was more- I was an utter failure.

My story is a simple one. I never tried in school. I just didn’t care. I was busy playing in a punk band and trying to write songs. That was the plan. A record deal, a big tour, signing posters, and t-shirts- I had an epic life all planned out.

When the time for high school graduation came- I walked in the ceremony. I did the entire cap and gown thing. It was the start of something new. Then I discovered the truth. I didn’t graduate. I was a full credit short and my GPA was a joke.

In the few days that followed I wasn’t sure what to do. I was embarrassed. I felt like a failure. I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I started researching how to get my GED. And I was certain I would spend the rest of my life working in the Toilet Paper factory.

Fortunately God had different plans.

Let me state right off- I don’t subscribe to the prosperity Gospel. But I think when God works in our lives- And blesses us- then we should celebrate, share, and challenge others to live out a life of faith and trust in Him as well.

It was during this time, when I wanted to quit and walk away, when I wanted to give up and just forget everything, that God brought a unique family into my life. They took me under their wing. Helped mold a part of me. The name of this family was: The Fosters. They were a family of Chris’s. (Kris, Christine, Christopher, Kristen, Kristian, and Krisha.)

They helped me apply for a correspondence course through the University of Oklahoma in order to get that last credit. And on Halloween night of 1997, I got my High School diploma.

That was the first step in a long, long, journey. I had a 1.7 GPA. I barely got into our local community college. Even after I did, I had to take remedial classes before moving on to actual College Level courses. I maintained a 4.0 that first semester. Transferred to Oklahoma Baptist University where I studied Biblical Theology and Sociology. Today I have moved up my company into a upper management role in Marketing.

I have no idea why things worked out for me. I have no idea why God opened doors that should have always remained shut. I have no idea why this family showed enough love to help me through a tough time. I have no idea.

The point is- God has plans for each of us. Whether it is experiencing the pits of poverty, or giving away millions. The hope is that we realize- We exist to always Glorify Him. He is the author and creator of all things. He opens doors- He shuts them. He is in heaven- And he does whatever he pleases.

Remember that, and trust Him in your calling.

Now, Go Create…