So this weekend my short Novella “My Friend Louie” is FREE on Kindle.

I published this little story about a year ago, and even though it may not be the best presentation of my writing- (I have learned a lot over the past year)- I really like it.

jeremy_final_websizeI wrote the original first draft in one week. There was no plan, no direction, just straight seat of the pants writing. My initial idea was simple. What if a young teenage boy was bullied, and the only thing that gave him confidence to stand up to that bully was an old baseball bat he found in his pasture.

The story was good with lots of emotion and pain. But it was missing something, and I wasn’t really sure what. I remember sitting back rewriting the story one day, stuck in a corner, having no idea where I would go or what to change. Suddenly as a joke I had the bat say something, “Hey you, dummy. Yeah I’m talking to you kid.”

From that moment on Louie was born. And suddenly the story drifted into a psychological realm I didn’t expect it to.

Louie was fun to write. (A part from being a talking baseball bat that only this kid could hear) He was twisted, evil, and represented that aggression built up inside of a child who is bullied.

Again, not my best writing ever, but a story I enjoyed all the same. Hope you enjoy as well.

You can get “My Friend Louie” for FREE today by simply clicking the Image link below…


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