Every once in a while you wake up to find a bit of encouragement. Someone who understands your writing and gets what you are trying to say. RJ Conte (Who by her own right is an exceptional author) sent this tweet out the other day.

I think she hits the nail on the head with how I try to write. But I will admit, tapping into ones suffering and painful past in order to speak to who we are, is challenging. At times, it terrifying. It requires one to check our emotions and often the need to step away from the keyboard is all to real.

The story I’m currently working on now is much the same. Our need as a society to interact with pixels on a screen, to seek the approvals of every social media friend, follower, and Yes even trolls all while missing the ones who need us most. The forgotten ones right in front of us.

Kiley 2.8 is a near future Story of a Smart Home gone bad, sort of the classic monster in the house tale. Each time I sit down to pour more of me into this, I can’t help but think how many times I neglect my kids and wife with things like: Facebook, Twitter, the Internet. It’s terrifying to realize how many small moments I’ve missed in the span of five-minute distractions…

But today’s distraction aren’t much different from ones we’ve had in the past. Parents live busy lives. And whether it was the bar, a dance, a game, in yesterday’s world, or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter today: The neglect of love a parent can unintentionally show is just as real.

That’s something I think we can all identify with: Now Excuse me as I get off of here and go play with the kids for a bit.

Don’t forget to Geek Out Parents!!!

Your favorite Geek Dad- J.J.

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