Dragons, Orcs, & Unicorns- Are You in the Midst of a Difficult Quest?

Monday’s can often times make one feel as if they are looking down a long black tunnel with no light. It seems for many of us it’s the return to the daily grind, the mundane, and within a few hours we find ourselves longing for Friday.

I’ll admit- I’m like that. I can grow tired of the same old thing. I want to break free, find adventure, slay dragons, and climb dangerous Mountains. I want to go on a quest. And in those moments I often find myself living with regret wondering “What if” I had done this instead of that? Where would my life be?


The truth is- Thoughts like that are the biggest hindrance to our lives. They cause us to question where God has placed us, to feel jealousy, to long for something that may not necessary be the correct plan or place for us. All the while- We fail to realize we are already on a quest. A great one, that’s being directed by The One.

This past year has been one of the most challenging times for my wife and me financially. We have been strapped short of cash as we pay off medical bills and try to readjust our life styles to account for a few items we need to pay off. In times like these I often look around and realize the things we can’t do or afford. And in those moments I found myself driven by jealousy, but in the end coming to a place of Thanksgiving.


It’s hard realizing you’re in the midst of a dark forest, & the hopelessness you feel is a part of the journey God has placed you on. CLICK TO TWEET

Whether that pain is caused by your own dumb mistakes or it’s simply the result of God shutting a door.

The truth is everyone one of us is on a quest. Sometimes the road seems long and hard with bumps along the way. Other times it feels simple and breezy. Regardless of the circumstances, I have to constantly remind myself to give Praise where praise belongs.

Every week I come across people who are bitter and angry about life. They feel they’ve been dealt a bad hand. As a result they go through each day and every minute trapped by the circumstances they refuse to try and overcome. It’s hard to do that- I’ve been there.

So this week-Ask God to reveal to you, what Quest are you currently on…? And are you thankful for the journey he has giving you….?

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3 thoughts on “Dragons, Orcs, & Unicorns- Are You in the Midst of a Difficult Quest?

  1. I’m on a Quest right now and I’m not happy about it. My special needs adult daughter, Anna, has something wrong. She can’t communicate about it with me. See, she’s 24, but still functions at a low 18 months. She has autism, a blood disorder, and uncontrolled seizures. And something is wrong beyond that. But I can’t get ANY of her doctors to hear me!! And as a reformed believer, I understand God’s Sovereignty and how He ordains things in our lives. But I am NOT happy about this. SIGH.

    Other than that, I’m doing pretty good. 🙂 And He will bring us through it. We don’t walk alone. I keep repeating that to myself. That’s the part I’m thankful for.

  2. Wow Pam, sorry to hear about your daughter. I will defiantly be praying for you and her throughout this. I can’t imagine how difficult this time must be for you. Don’t hesitate to share prayer request going forward…

  3. Thanks, Jeremy. Since I commented, we got an appointment with a cardiologist for Thursday afternoon. Still no word from the family doc, which is strange, but I’m thankful for this appt. It’s a new doc for us, so that’s always nerve-wracking. But I’ll take it.