Confessing Your Monsters

Have you ever confronted the monster you don’t want to face…?

I have- I’ve fought so many. From failing out of high school to getting into college- to climbing the corporate ladder- Life has presented challenges. But the biggest challenge – The biggest monster- Is the one that whispers lies in my ear telling me I’m not good enough- I should just quit.

That’s my biggest weakness: quitting before I even start. I have so many first chapters of books that I started- Only to sit them to the side and say “That’s not going to be any good.”

For someone who has accomplished much- I struggle with confidence. I’m afraid to fail- And that fear paralyzes me to the point that I fail because I refuse to begin.

What monsters do you face, and do you have a plan to confront them…?

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One thought on “Confessing Your Monsters

  1. Wow, you really nailed it. I think we all have the fear that we aren’t good enough, why bother, etc. But look at your accomplishments. You have put yourself out there with your writing. That takes tremendous courage. You get up every day and go out there and do what it takes for your family. You are an amazing father, husband and family member. You are a responsible, contributing member of society. You lead, provide for and protect your family every day, without question. You are good enough, and you are the only one who can fill this unique spot in the world. Your strength is quiet, but strong. Never sell yourself short.