Twitter & Me

Hello everyone, I’m JJ

If you are reading this then you have probably just decided to follow me on twitter. But, before you do, here is a little bit about how I use this platform…

1- I’m a high volume tweeter. Sometimes up 40 to 60 Times a day. Some of those are replies to others, so you might not see them. Regardless, I may be invading your feed quite often- You’ve been warned.

2- If I’m tweeting- it’s me. I hate automation and think it’s the worst thing for any author or other creative entrepreneur to ever use. I like authenticity in those I follow, so I don’t think I will be hypocritical.

3- I don’t automatically follow everyone back. If you follow me I will look your profile over. If your tweets are constructive and fun and you seem to be an interactive person- I may follow you. But if I see your just pushing some product every three tweets I’ll probably never hit that Engage button to follow you.

4- I’m a conservative / libertarian and an evangelical Christian. To my Christian Friends- I may tweet a few curse words- they’re just words- so simmer down… I may also tweet about whiskey or drinks I like- again- Let it go… To my left leaning liberal friends- don’t try and debate me- That’s the best way to get muted and or blocked. I don’t have time for that nonsense and life is to short. Which is why I don’t talk about politics or culture. I keep my views to myself.

5- Other random subjects I tweet about are Writing, publishing, food, kids, Movies, and comic books…

6- I’m pretty sarcastic and flippant in my sense of humor. I don’t take a lot of things serious… So don’t expect me to.

7- Most Days I will be interacting with Jason Joyner (@jasonCJoyner) We joke around quite a bit and in the Writing community, he is one of my closest friends. You are always more than welcome to join in- But please: Never Take it serious… We understand each other’s sense of humor and are able to take jabs at one another fairly easily…

Twitter is a snapshot of my life- My life is my brand- most social media experts will disagree with the way I use the platform but I think most SM experts are full of BS (except @RaleneB) who has a good grasp on how to use SM as a creative entrepreneur. You should follow her.

Now that you know how I do things- I hope you enjoy what I send out. And don’t be afraid to interact.

Theological science fiction recommendations?

Following the discussion on Redit today concerning Theological Science Fiction Recommendations. Amazing how so many people don’t know of the great authors out there who may explore this topic. Anyway – The link is below for anyone interested.


Theological science fiction recommendations? from printSF

Good Stories

I like quick addictive reads. They are fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Some people read to get a deeper meaning out of life, to learn a deep truth- I read for enjoyment.

There are different styles of readers, so whichever you are is fine. However, on both sides, I have found that Dean Koontz story structure method is a formula they all share.

From his out of print How to Write Best Selling Fiction (Writer’s Digest Books), © 1981. I first learned of this on Jerry B Jenkins Blog. Below is how Jenkins summarized it.

  1. Plunge your main character (lead/hero/heroine) into terrible trouble as soon as possible.

The definition of “terrible trouble” differs depending on your genre. For a thriller, it may mean your hero is hanging by his fingernails from a railroad trestle. For a cozy romance, it may mean your heroine must choose between two seemingly perfect suitors, each of whom harbors a dark secret.

2. Everything your character does to get out of the trouble makes it only worse.

The complications must be logical and grow increasingly bad until…

3. The lead’s predicament appears entirely hopeless.

4. Finally, because of what all that conflict has taught the character from the beginning, your lead rises to the occasion and battles out of the trouble, meets the challenge, accomplishes the quest, or completes the journey.

Confessing Your Monsters

Have you ever confronted the monster you don’t want to face…?

I have- I’ve fought so many. From failing out of high school to getting into college- to climbing the corporate ladder- Life has presented challenges. But the biggest challenge – The biggest monster- Is the one that whispers lies in my ear telling me I’m not good enough- I should just quit.

That’s my biggest weakness: quitting before I even start. I have so many first chapters of books that I started- Only to sit them to the side and say “That’s not going to be any good.”

For someone who has accomplished much- I struggle with confidence. I’m afraid to fail- And that fear paralyzes me to the point that I fail because I refuse to begin.

What monsters do you face, and do you have a plan to confront them…?