Why I Write Dark Fiction: Or Horror

I’m taking a short break from writing. We’re moving in a few weeks and between repairs to our current home that need to be done, and packing, time isn’t all on my side. So I actually may be blogging a lot more over the next few weeks. (Don’t ask how I have time to blog but not write fiction: I may punch you)

Last week I had someone message me after reading my novella “My Friend Louie” with the question- How can Christian’s write horror…? Interesting question- and one that has been explored by a number of folks. But first let me explain…

My Friend Louie is the story of a young boy who has just witnessed his mother leaving him and his father, who has very few friends, and is trying to survive a bully down the street. Through out the course of the story he finds a Baseball bat, who he named Louie, and who he believes is alive and able to speak to him, through his sub-conscious.

It’s Louie who convinces him to use Louie (the bat) on his father and smack him on the head, it’s Louie who tells him to use (Louie the bat) on the bully down the street and go beat that crap out of him.

Told in a raw memoir style, I can say it’s not my best writing by any stretch. There are several that like it and other that don’t. And that’s okay… But that got me thinking about the question asked to me- Why do you write horror?

It’s weird, because I don’t think I do, and I certainly don’t set out to write horror. That’s not my end goal. And I certainly don’t believe I write horrifying things. But I do admit, I may write Dark Things.

Why…? Because I think it’s necessary. I think it’s honest.

Let’s get real. Life doesn’t always end in a happy ending. Bad things happen to good people.

G.K. Chesterton has been quoted dozens of times for having said that- “Fairy tales are more than true… Not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.”

This is so true- But yet not entirely true. Because the reality of the world we live in is this-

Sometimes the dragon wins…

That’s is a difficult truth to live with. But it’s reality all the same. Evil exist- Evil wins.

But for those of us who know Christ, we know there is hope.

We live in a broken, dark, dying world, that is full of sin. That’s reality. And there are so many in life that don’t see any sort of light or hope at the end. It’s just an empty void.

You see: My life is a life that has been spent living in the darkness of the shadows. I know what it feels like to not have hope. I know what it feels like to not see a way out. I understand the pain of brokenness and despair. I’ve lived that life.

Today I live free. Oh I still live in the shadows, only now I live in the shadow of the cross. It covers me and provides me with the hope I need.

I write not to explore the monsters, but to expose the fact that there are monsters everywhere, and we have to face them. Win, lose, draw… Life isn’t easy. Sometimes the story isn’t about defeating the dragon, but surviving and holding on to the light in the aftermath of the dragon winning a small battle.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that a part of me is the young boy in that story. I would be also lying to you if I didn’t say that a part of me is Louie as well.

So my stories from time to time may be a bit dark with some horrifying elements. They may not end in a happy ending. They may not even be all that Christian in the Christian sense because, there won’t be a solid redemptive story. But I promise you this…

They will be personal. And they will end with hope. And sometimes hope is all we need to get us through to the end.


Review of “Finding Amanda” by Robin Patchen

“Dr. Gabriel Sheppard eyed the girl in the doorway. She’d be perfect.”

findingamanda After reading that first line in Finding Amanda by Robin’s Patchen I immediately had a thousand questions swirling around in my head. Who is she? Why would she be perfect? And what was he planning to do…? Amanda has much to celebrate about her life. A master Chef, a Published Cookbook, and a Blog with countless of followers; it seems she is living the American Dream. But Inside Amanda is falling apart. Amanda is determined to publish a memoir that those close to her feel is a mistake. But exposing the monster that Dr. Sheppard is feels far more important than saving her marriage, or even protecting her life. So many times I slammed the book shut irritated that Amanda was not making the decision I wanted her to make- Only to find myself coming back anticipating which way she would choose and where she would go. Robin does an outstanding job of pulling the reader along, teasing you with bits of tension that are so thick one could feel the pain of each of the characters. I found myself liking Amanda, loving her husband, enjoying the moments through their eyes- And hoping doom wasn’t lurking close by. Finding Amanda is brilliant suspense with as many twists and turns as anything done by Hitchcock. I promise you will find yourself swept away by the scruff of your neck. Robin is an author and freelance editor from Edmond Ok- You can find more out about her at her website below. http://robinpatchen.com/


So this weekend my short Novella “My Friend Louie” is FREE on Kindle.

I published this little story about a year ago, and even though it may not be the best presentation of my writing- (I have learned a lot over the past year)- I really like it.

jeremy_final_websizeI wrote the original first draft in one week. There was no plan, no direction, just straight seat of the pants writing. My initial idea was simple. What if a young teenage boy was bullied, and the only thing that gave him confidence to stand up to that bully was an old baseball bat he found in his pasture.

The story was good with lots of emotion and pain. But it was missing something, and I wasn’t really sure what. I remember sitting back rewriting the story one day, stuck in a corner, having no idea where I would go or what to change. Suddenly as a joke I had the bat say something, “Hey you, dummy. Yeah I’m talking to you kid.”

From that moment on Louie was born. And suddenly the story drifted into a psychological realm I didn’t expect it to.

Louie was fun to write. (A part from being a talking baseball bat that only this kid could hear) He was twisted, evil, and represented that aggression built up inside of a child who is bullied.

Again, not my best writing ever, but a story I enjoyed all the same. Hope you enjoy as well.

You can get “My Friend Louie” for FREE today by simply clicking the Image link below…


My Friend Louie is OUT!!!!! #MFLouie #99cents #ASMSG

9465038_origMy new novella is now available on Kindle, Smashwords, and other devices where ebooks are sold.

I really hope everyone enjoys it, I definitely enjoyed the journey I took while writing it.

On a side note, if you have time today stop by http://www.kirstinpulioff.com/ and check out her incredible review of the book.


TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!! My Friend Louie is Available Tomorrow #ASMSG

jeremy_final_websizeTomorrow is the Day…

Tomorrow my new novella My Friend Louie will be hitting the ebook market. I’m very excited about the release of this little story and I hope everyone enjoys it.

My Friend Louie is a twisted story of a Bi-Polar fifteen year old boy and his baseball bat. Caught between the pain of his parents divorce and a ruthless bully down the street, Michael Davis feels neglected and worthless, until he meets Louie. Now Michael feels a power that gives him confidence while also causing him concern about who he is becoming.

Launching at only $0.99 cents…