Weekend Reading!!!

It’s time for my Weekend Reading!!! One of the good things about being married to an avid reader, is she doesn’t mind if I put my nose in a book along with her. Although, it’s rarely the same book.

My wife and I have much different taste (Apart from Stranger Things). She is a Historical Romance reader and I’m an avid Science Fiction fan. In fact you should probably go check out her blog, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and all other imaginable places (It will earn me bonus points) then comment below and tell me you did so- It will earn you bonus points with me.


One of my goals for 2018 is to read some of the classics in Speculative Fiction. Works by authors like Eddings, Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, Herbert, and a host of others. I think to often we dismiss these pioneers as yesterdays fiction- Just a pile of books collecting dust that are no longer relevant to a modern audience. To this I say: Nonsense. 

The works of these authors- Who wrote to give warning- Are just as relevant today as they were fifty years ago. Perhaps because in some ways the warnings of what we as a society could become were brushed off as simple conspiracies.

The first book I’m turning to in these classics is Space Cadet, by Robert A Heinlein. Heinlein is considered by many to be the grandfather of Science Fiction. A mentor to Bradbury, he paved the way and went from a simple pulp writer to a Hugo award winning author.

Space Cadet, written in 1948 is the story of Matt Dodson, who joins the Space Patrol to help preserve peace in the Solar System. It’s the standard story of a boy going to an unfamiliar academy and becoming a hero. Fifty pages in I’m already loving it.

So that’s what is up for me this weekend. What about you, what do you plan to read…? Tell me in the comments.
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Classic Pulp Fiction

I grew up on classic pulp fiction. My father was a heavy reader during his days of working the boiler room. His shelf was full of things like- The Deathlands, Bradbury, Asimov, The Mountain Man, Louis Lamar, and Heinlein. But it was the countless number of short Story magazines he picked up that got me into science fiction.

This week I stopped by the used bookstore and picked up some classics that I grew up with. Not always the most culturally relevant- but incredible reads all the same. Fun stories that were heavy on plot with a quick pace and at times very little agenda.

Sometimes I think Science Fiction and Fandom is becoming less fun than it used to be. Stories at times seem to push certain agendas or world views instead of embracing the things we love and enjoy most. Which is fine I guess- I allow my own personal experiences and worldview to invade my writing. I think it’s a natural part of the story telling process.

Bradbury, Asimov, Heinlein: They had their worldviews and agendas as well. Sure… One can’t read Foundation or Fahrenheit 451 without seeing what Bradbury and Asimov were trying to say. But those pioneers gave us warnings about where we would wind up as a society- Not demands that a story needs to have various elements to be considered worthy.

I find nothing wrong with a story that has a political agenda or message for the reader or specific characters. That has always been a product of good storytelling. My concern is that we have become so focused on telling stories bent on pushing political and cultural ideas first. It feels as though story, within some fiction, is becoming a by-product of the message now.

I find myself curious if we haven’t lost a bit of the magic and sense of wonder those classic Golden Age stories gave us.

I guess time will only tell. Agree- Disagree: I would love to hear your thoughts…