“Compulsion” & “My Friend Louie” Now in Print

My two Novella’s “Compulsion” & “My Friend Louie” are now both available in print!

I enjoyed working on both of these stories. Compulsion was birthed out of the question I wanted to explore: Is there a limit to God’s forgiveness, and is there a line we as people will not cross to forgive someone…?

My friend Louie I wanted to explore the psychological issues of a young boy dealing with his parents divorce, as well as surviving a bully. Both of these issues are personal to me- And I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of me in both Michael and Louie.

Many have had asked me: Is Louie Real…? Is he in fact, a possessed baseball bat…? Or is he just the product of a psychological damaged teen…? I’ll let you the reader decide.

These books were some of my first attempts at publishing- For my errors and early weaknesses in the craft, I do apologize. I am fully aware of passive voice issues, telling verse showing (Although in My Friend Louie that is an intentional device) and countless other shortcomings.

However, I enjoy the stories and more than anything- I hope you do as well.

You can get both by clicking on the link below:

And Compulsion includes two bonus short stories in the back.



My Friend Louie is OUT!!!!! #MFLouie #99cents #ASMSG

9465038_origMy new novella is now available on Kindle, Smashwords, and other devices where ebooks are sold.

I really hope everyone enjoys it, I definitely enjoyed the journey I took while writing it.

On a side note, if you have time today stop by http://www.kirstinpulioff.com/ and check out her incredible review of the book.


TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!!! My Friend Louie is Available Tomorrow #ASMSG

jeremy_final_websizeTomorrow is the Day…

Tomorrow my new novella My Friend Louie will be hitting the ebook market. I’m very excited about the release of this little story and I hope everyone enjoys it.

My Friend Louie is a twisted story of a Bi-Polar fifteen year old boy and his baseball bat. Caught between the pain of his parents divorce and a ruthless bully down the street, Michael Davis feels neglected and worthless, until he meets Louie. Now Michael feels a power that gives him confidence while also causing him concern about who he is becoming.

Launching at only $0.99 cents…

One More Week- My Friend Louie #ASMSG #MFLouie

jeremy_final_websizeIn less than a week my new novella “My Friend Louie” will be available. In short, it is the story of a Bi-polar fifteen year old boy and his baseball bat. For some it may be violent. For others it may be sad and wrapped in a sea of guilt. Regardless, I hope it finds a way to speak to you.

I never intended to write this story. It sort of simply happened by mistake. No outline. No plan. Just a notebook, a pen, and a curious idea. I found myself consumed with the concept and wrote the first draft in one week. In some ways I think it is the most honest story I have ever told. And for that reason it has a special place in my heart.

As I sit here one week away I have to ask myself the question- Who is Louie? Where does he come from? And for most, you don’t even know for you haven’t read it. Regardless, let me assure you that the answer is not quite that simple. For Louie is a part of both you and me. He represents that dark nature I have so longed to try and escape. He is my nemesis as well as my friend. He is both evil and good. But in the end, I know that in order for me to become better, I must rid myself of him.

You see that is the essence of this little story. Turning away from who we are, and searching for the one we can be.

All of us have encountered that terrible thought. What would we do to the one that wronged us? And when we call up those ideas of what we would do, well those thoughts are private, violent, and often frightening to even ourselves. It matters not who it is. The jerk that cut us off in traffic. The one that gave us a bad review. The father that said you weren’t good enough for his daughter. The list is endless. And we all have one.

Revenge is a human instinct. It’s natural to want to see justice done to those who have wronged us. And when I sit, and think of the terrible things I want to do to someone who has hurt me, my wife, my family, Well- I must admit. In that moment, it is not me. It is My Friend Louie.