Black Holes and the Glory of God!!!

l will admit- I’m attracted to all things Geeky.

I also will say that I know far more about the “FI” than the “Sci” in Sci Fi. Still, I’m attracted to stories that are both unique and strange. (Which is part of the reason I’m PUMPED about Fox bringing the X-Files back) Regardless, I came across this old article on the internet today. Don’t look now, but it seems NASA has caught a black hole with its hand in the cosmic cookie jar.

black-hole-swallows-star_36618_600x4501Scientist traced tell-tale flare-ups of cosmic radiation┬áback to a black hole a million times the mass of Earth’s Sun.

One such article referred to it as a “Cosmic Belch!”

Why bring this up on Good Friday? I like to keep items such as these in a mental file folder label “The Psalm 19 Files.”

Whether it be Diamond Planets or the death of a star-

“The Heavens do indeed tell the Glory of God!”

And to think- That today: With all the vastness of this universe, he would choose to die for someone like me.