Anger, Aggression, AND Horror #ASMSG #MFLouie

598764_10151496384241057_826733573_nJust the other day I was driving down the road, you know the scene. It’s early, tons of traffic, you’re rushing out the door trying not to be late to work. You just want to make that insanely difficult left turn off your street and onto the busy road. But then suddenly, some moron cuts you off. That same moron then proceeds to chat on her phone oblivious to what she just did. In that moment, I want to ram her rear end. Cause her head to snap back against the seat so she comes up looking dazed and confused. I imagine her losing control and smashing into some telephone pole. Car in flames… Do I sound angry? Of course I was angry. But not angry enough to wish her harm.

We live in a world where anger has had an impact on people’s lives. People have lost their life because they encountered someone who couldn’t control their anger. I’ve seen people beaten and bruised and in some cases even hospitalized just because someone didn’t know how to suppress said anger.

It’s somewhat sad really. Anger is such an easy emotion to lose control of. But anger isn’t always bad. I was angry on 9/11 as many were. I was angry when my brother died. I was angry when some idiot NBA owner made a racial comment. I was angry when my Sooners lost to the Longhorns. I get angry. We all do. But it’s learning how to control, and finding a way to release anger in a positive way that makes a difference.

There are some that try Yoga, others run or workout. For me, well I’m an evangelical Christian, and therefore I pray. Whatever you choose one must learn that anger must find a way to exit.

Now- I’m not Dr. Phil by any means (And I’m not sure I would want to be). But that’s the basis of my New Novella coming out- “My Friend Louie.”

My Friend Louie is the story of a Bi-Polar fifteen year old boy and his baseball bat. It’s the story of a boy that was bullied, saw everything in his life fall apart, and finally- Just snapped. But the question remains. When life crashes down around you. When you do things that cause you not to recognize yourself in the mirror. When you reach the point to where you feel that no one cares- Is there a Hope?

For me the answer is clear. What about for you dear reader…?

“My Friend Louie” – June 17th



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