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I hate and love New Year’s resolutions.

I hate them because I only seem to keep but a few. Maybe I set to many goals, but that brings me back around to why I love them. Because goals keep us moving forward, give us something to aim for.

I come across a lot of people in life that have no ambition, no desire to move beyond what is ordinary. I guess I’m a little different simply because if I was forced to live the same life day by day with no change I would go crazy with boredom. Call the white coats to come and take me away, staying idle to me is a mark of insanity.

But hey, that’s me. Staying idle is perfectly fine with some folks and I give it up to them. But I don’t tend to be satisfied with simplicity.

So here are my resolutions. I break them up into several different categories. Faith, Family, Writing, and of course the one we all seem to always have- Fitness…


Those who know me understand and respect the fact that my faith is an important part of my life. It’s such an important part that it naturally becomes a part of all aspects of my life. Therefore my goal this year is simple. My sister in law Jessica got me the NLT One Year Chronological Bible for Christmas; a really nice one. Leather bound and all. I have read the Bible through its entirety once in my life, and I hope to do so again this next year. In fact- I started on Dec 26th so I’m off to a head start already.


I love my family. My wife Ashley is my best friend and the most caring and understanding person I have ever met. She has blessed me with an amazing son who I love and cherish. Our lives are very busy. At times work, church, and other things get in the way of us spending time together. So this year I plan to sit aside a night every week where the three of us can do something together. No iPhone or ipads, nothing but the three of us hanging out together. I’m also planning a monthly date night every month with my wife. I don’t want to miss the chance to be with them ever. We only have so little time to grow with one another. The impact I make today could be the most memorable one.


Now that the two most important aspects of my life are out of the way lots talk about writing. I have set goals for 2013 and my writing. I achieved three of the four I set out. (NaNoWriMo was a bust). This year I’m publishing four Novellas’ I wrote in 2013. The first to come in March, then May, July & then October. The titles are-

My Friend Louie

Vampire Mormon

The future Voices of Ellis Creek


I also have a goal to finish my new project that I’m currently about half way done with.


I’ve never been much of a fitness nut, but when you reach 36 you start seeing a small gut begin to appear. This past year I cut pop / soda out of my life for the most part. I use to be an extreme addict drinking up to five or six cans a day. Today I can last a day and week without having the craving return. My goal is to work out more. Last year I bought the DVD collection “Insanity” and completed the 60 day workout regiment 1 ½ times. I seriously thought I was going to die the first two weeks, but I did manage to make it through one entire cycle without ever quitting. And guess what? During those 60 days I never felt better. I was more awake, had more energy and my mind was clearer to write. In fact I did my best writing during the second month of the program. So I want to get back into that starting this week.

Well 2014 will be an exciting year for me. As I said four publications I’m releasing, getting in better shape, more time with my family and God. I hope that when December 31st comes back around I can look back at this post and say- I did it.  What about you?

Happy New Years, Happy Writing…

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