Jesus & the Beanstalk Review

“We live in a world populated with Giants.”

I dove into this book on a plane ride back home one afternoon. I expected to knock out the introduction then catch a quick nap. After the first line I was hooked. Every where I turned I was reminded of my own life. Before I knew it my flight was landing and I was having to jump off and catch my connection.


Lori Roeleveld’s new book Jesus & the Beanstalk takes the classic fairy tale Jack & the beanstalk and lines it up with powerful Biblical truths. Reminding us that there is power is the small things- like beans. That at times we toss aside our faith, listening to the doubts of the world, and never experience the power to slay the Giants that invade our lives.

As I read this I looked back on my own life. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the countless times I failed. Only to realize that during those times I was relying on my own self-centered self. That I was making life about me, my achievements, and my ambitions. It was only when I allowed the Power of Christ to rule my life that I saw my Giants slain.

Jesus and the Beanstalk is a personal story of how the author overcame her own Giants- Walking us through 1 Peter ch 1 we learn 8 incredible truths to live larger than life faith.

I give this book five stars and highly recommend it as something to read in groups or alongside your personal daily Bible study. Lori has an excellent grasp on a doctrine that is Biblically based.

Two New Flash Serials!!!! Evil- Human- Clown & Stranger in the Woods

So today I’m excited to tell you about two new web serials I have starting.

“Evil Human Clown” and “Stranger in the Woods.” These will only be available on my Web Site and I would love everyone to read them!!!!



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Out of Time Series Re-read!!!

So I have spent a lot less time on Social Media as of late. Not because I’m depressed or anything- just trying to spend more time reading, writing, and not worried about being present.

img_3343Regardless one thing is certain- I’ve become insanely jealous of my wife.

She has an unusual super power. Despite working full time, raising two toddlers, (well three if you count me) she manages to knock out at least two novels a week. Seriously – It takes me an average of fifteen days to sift through a 400-page book. But hey- She reads fast and I don’t. But that doesn’t stop me from plugging away on my TBR pile.

So at the moment I’m wrapping up Tosca Lee’s Progeny.

After that- I’m diving deep into a re-read of “The Out of Time series.”

I already have my advanced reader copy of book 3 and am Stoked about the end of this series. Nadine is a great writer friend and I’m excited to see how she wraps this series up.

I’ll be posting regular updates as I read through it on my blog and other social media channels as I can.

Anyway- What books are on your fall reading list…?

New Neighbors and the Crazies they Live Beside


We got new neighbors this week. The two girls with six schnauzers living inside have moved on. I always get nervous when someone new moves in. Mainly because I hope they understand exactly what kind of crazy they are now living next door too.

You see – Our house is a mad place!!!

I know some like to pretend their homes are bliss, filled with magic fairy dust where mom and dad declare their love in words like- You’re my soul mate, My one true love, my best friend, our marriage and love get better and better with each new day, we have the most amazing kids, blah, blah, blah… 

It seems sometimes in life all we share is the best days- But behind closed doors daggers fly as mom and dad tag team and race from one end of the house to the other. A child screams, something crashes, the cat somehow got shut up in the dryer, “Child 2 has got the scissors and he looks evil!!!” the list goes on and on. 

Being a family is tough and sometimes you wonder if you should just order a life supply of magic erasers.

There isn’t a day goes by I don’t yell at two little sassy toddler boys.

I know, I know… God forbid it – How dare I yell at my kids? I mean think of the emotional damage I’m doing.

I never wanted to be that parent. I wanted to be the calm, patient parent who corrected with a peacful time out and the child would be compliant to the Tee.

Okay, you can stop laughing.

Seriously, stop laughing.

It’s not funny.

I really feel bad about it.

The truth is I yell at times.

Get Down. Stop that. Don’t hit your brother in the head with a dump truck… And no matter how many times when they are diving under beds, scaling up the fridge, peeing in the tub, or squirting tooth paste all over the place you wonder to yourself –

My God what do the neighbors think of me…?

Listen, parenting is tough. You’re going to get mad. Pull out your hair. Hide in the basement where you’ll binge eat on Oreos. The important thing to remember- No one has life figured out. So stop worrying about the neighbors.

So enjoy the adventure story you are writing. Maybe the neighbors are the strange ones…

Do you have any rough parenting stories…?  I would Love to Hear them- Comment below.

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