Your Midweek Creative Thought

It’s your Midweek Creative Thought.

Writing Wednesday


I have a question for all you Creative types out. Not just authors But all: Dancers, Painters, sculptors, Chefs, Bakers, Musicians, quilters, Graffitiers (Not sure that’s a word) anyone who uses a creative artistic talent… Whether as a hobby or for a chosen career path.

Here it is: What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given….? 

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Geek Parent Moments

It’s Tuesday – And I want to bring you those Geek Parent Moments!!!

Let’s face it- One day we will all remember where we were when our children asked the question- Who would win???

It’s every Geek Parents dream Question. Superman vs Batman, Iron Man vs Cap, Star Trek vs Star Wars, Gandalf vs Dumbledore- The list of endless battles we could think of is enormous!!!

But here is one I’ve been curious about: Borg vs Dalek??? Thoughts…?

Also- Check out this Escape Room in a Box  over at Geek Dad.

‘Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment’


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I have a Love / Hate Relationship with Monday

I have a love / hate relationship with Monday. It’s like a bad date. It starts off promising, but then about thirty minutes into it you realize it just isn’t going to work out.

You start fighting over whether brunch is a real thing and the next thing you know, you’re being trolled by all of Monday’s friends. Tuesday just kicks you in the face, Wednesday just bumps on by, Thursday just forgets about you, and Friday teases you as if they are willing to listen. That’s when you realize: Saturday and Sunday are you’re only real friends. And even they can’t be trusted.

Listen, I’ve had plenty of bad dates in my time. But Monday is just something… Well, we’re never really going to work things out. I try to avoid it. I play that game all guys at some point play. Never pick up the phone, dart out the back door when she comes over, but somehow, someway, Monday always finds me.

So for all of those struggling with their Monday: I’m with you.

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Weekend Reading!!!

It’s time for my Weekend Reading!!! One of the good things about being married to an avid reader, is she doesn’t mind if I put my nose in a book along with her. Although, it’s rarely the same book.

My wife and I have much different taste (Apart from Stranger Things). She is a Historical Romance reader and I’m an avid Science Fiction fan. In fact you should probably go check out her blog, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and all other imaginable places (It will earn me bonus points) then comment below and tell me you did so- It will earn you bonus points with me.


One of my goals for 2018 is to read some of the classics in Speculative Fiction. Works by authors like Eddings, Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, Herbert, and a host of others. I think to often we dismiss these pioneers as yesterdays fiction- Just a pile of books collecting dust that are no longer relevant to a modern audience. To this I say: Nonsense. 

The works of these authors- Who wrote to give warning- Are just as relevant today as they were fifty years ago. Perhaps because in some ways the warnings of what we as a society could become were brushed off as simple conspiracies.

The first book I’m turning to in these classics is Space Cadet, by Robert A Heinlein. Heinlein is considered by many to be the grandfather of Science Fiction. A mentor to Bradbury, he paved the way and went from a simple pulp writer to a Hugo award winning author.

Space Cadet, written in 1948 is the story of Matt Dodson, who joins the Space Patrol to help preserve peace in the Solar System. It’s the standard story of a boy going to an unfamiliar academy and becoming a hero. Fifty pages in I’m already loving it.

So that’s what is up for me this weekend. What about you, what do you plan to read…? Tell me in the comments.
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Every once in a while you wake up to find a bit of encouragement. Someone who understands your writing and gets what you are trying to say. RJ Conte (Who by her own right is an exceptional author) sent this tweet out the other day.

I think she hits the nail on the head with how I try to write. But I will admit, tapping into ones suffering and painful past in order to speak to who we are, is challenging. At times, it terrifying. It requires one to check our emotions and often the need to step away from the keyboard is all to real.

The story I’m currently working on now is much the same. Our need as a society to interact with pixels on a screen, to seek the approvals of every social media friend, follower, and Yes even trolls all while missing the ones who need us most. The forgotten ones right in front of us.

Kiley 2.8 is a near future Story of a Smart Home gone bad, sort of the classic monster in the house tale. Each time I sit down to pour more of me into this, I can’t help but think how many times I neglect my kids and wife with things like: Facebook, Twitter, the Internet. It’s terrifying to realize how many small moments I’ve missed in the span of five-minute distractions…

But today’s distraction aren’t much different from ones we’ve had in the past. Parents live busy lives. And whether it was the bar, a dance, a game, in yesterday’s world, or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter today: The neglect of love a parent can unintentionally show is just as real.

That’s something I think we can all identify with: Now Excuse me as I get off of here and go play with the kids for a bit.

Don’t forget to Geek Out Parents!!!

Your favorite Geek Dad- J.J.

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